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Exciting expansion of Pingu’s English franchise in Italy: 10 new schools have recently opened in the past month.

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English Schools in Italy: A success story made possible through a talented Entrepreneur and Top Quality franchisor.

Pingu’s English has now grown to an impressive 40 schools across Italy.

This achievement is made even more significant by the fact that it is only four years since Daniele Arboit, Master Franchisee of Pingu’s English, signed the contract in 2012 with Pingu’s English Brand.

Opening the doors for children to learn English across North Italy (in Ferrara, Torino, Taranto, Melzo, Rimini, Saronno, Thiene, Carpi, Rivarolo, Savona, and Trento),

Daniele’s target is to increase his nationwide franchise network of Pingu’s English schools in Italy by 10 more in 2017 – delivering high-quality English language training for children right across the country.
Having started with a single corporately-owned pilot centre, after one year Daniele was expanding the Pingu’s English schools in Italy at the rate of 10 schools per year – reaching 40 schools in 2016.
This not only demonstrates the potential of the Pingu’s English business model, but also shows how a passionate and driven entrepreneur can transform the way children learn across an entire country.

Before becoming the Master Franchisee for Pingu’s English in Italy, Daniele had been working in the language business for seven years, ran an English school for adults and had experience working as a centre director for a language school. His previous career was in sales and marketing, working for a telemarketing company and as a sales consultant – a combination of skills that served him well.

English schools in italy

Daniele had wanted to run an English school for kids for some time, and realized he had to be adaptive with his business strategy and responsive to market challenges. He revisited the Pingu’s English business plan several times before perceiving the perfect formula that has allowed him today to become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Italy.
“When you start out you can make forecasts, but you must be prepared to review and assess your plan almost daily and make changes where necessary to improve results,” said Daniele. “You have to work hard, be honest and have the judgement to select the right people as Unit Franchisees.”
Daniele seeks people with sales experience, as Pingu’s English is a very people-focused business and requires strong customer service skills. Pingu’s English Head Office helped him to reach his goal with teacher training, a dedicated Business Development team, new marketing campaigns and ongoing support.

To listen to Daniele Arboit ‘success story, click here.


“Parents enjoy Pingu’s English because they see their children learning more than just a new language: Pingu’s English also teaches them numeracy, literacy, maths and computer skills in a fun and engaging waytaking place in a calm, safe and stimulating environment. “, said Talented Entrepreneur Daniele Arboit.

Pingu’s English is already transforming the way young children learn English in over 20 countries worldwide.

The program uses a wide variety of imaginative activities and multimedia resources to teach children of 3-8+ years the vital skill of communicating in English. When children and parents enter a Pingu’s English School, they begin an exciting adventure in the company of Pingu – the loveable penguin, and his family and friends in the South Pole.

Unlike many other English courses, Pingu’s English captures the child’s attention from the start with interesting situations and topics which helps to bring their learning to life.

English schools in italyimg_6413-italy-23

For franchising enquires in other countries, please contact

For enquiries of how to open an English schools in Italy or to know how to enrol your child, please contact


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We at the British Chamber of Commerce worked with Linguaphone Group to find them a new in-market partner for the Korean market. Throughout the engagement we had with Linguaphone Group, we found them to be passionate about education, supremely professional in their approach to business and both responsive and personable in their interactions with ourselves and Korean partners. Korean investors were attracted to the best-in-class program which Linguaphone Group offers, the strong reputation of the company and the heritage with which it is associated. These are qualities that resonate globally.

British Chamber Korea

 Sean Blakeley, BCCK CEO

Our Experience with Pingu’s English has been profitable and positive from the first year. We relied on their professionalism and heritage, their staff is always prompt to assist with the latest trends and ideas on the market. We were looking for a brand who can guarantee us quality and a solid method but at the same time would leave us the freedom and flexibility in order to succeed in our challenging and competitive market like the Italian one. We built Pingu’s English project in Italy by mixing their huge international experience in the English training with our knowledge of the Italian market. All this enabled us to do the right decision for our winning investment. Today we have over 40 Pingu’s English centres and thousands of happy children learning English.

Daniele Arboit

Pingu's English Master Franchisee Italy

From our first training session in London 2009- from the academic side to customer service -we felt confident and well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful Pingu’s English Master Licensees” At the moment, our services to all 23 networked schools across the country are effectively and efficiently backed by Pingu’s English.  No doubt that we see no limit to expand our business to cover 30,000+ schools in the near future!

Nipat Ungpakornkaew

Pingu's English Master Licensee Thailand

I knew about Pingu’s English School through a friend. After research about the school, I decided to enroll my daughter and it was one of the best things I could do to her. She loves studying at Pingu’s English and she cannot wait to the day of the class. I also love Pingu's English School, because there she learns by playing and I can see her progress day by day.

Léia Rodrigues

Pingu's English Student's mother / Brazil

Now she is studying at Pingu’s English School, my daughter only wants to talk to me in English and she is always singing the songs.

Cristiane Doimo

Pingu's English Student's mother /Brazil

Regarding the teaching method they use a figurative storytelling way of starting the lesson,  trying hard to involve the child and make the them curious about the situation. Tom is very happy to go to Pingu’s English because he perceives the School as a playful moment and not just as a learning moment while at the same time he is learning a new language


Pingu's English Student's Mother /Italy

We love Pingu’s English School because the school gives my son the opportunity to learn and develop different skills, especially English skills. He is excited every time to go to school and is always happy when he comes home.

Sapavoot Preedawipart

Pingu's English Student's Mother/ Thailand

Pingu’s English School is not just a school; it is as a second home for my kid. I like it when I see my kid growing and learning in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Most of all, I can see a lot of improvement in his English listening and speaking skills

Piyatida Tudteam

Pingu's English Student's Mother/Thailand

I have being running my own school for 15 years. When I met Pingu’s English, it was love at first sight. Now I am offering the best English Course available to my students and they are loving it as well as their parents. Thank you Pingu’s English!

Giedre Paula

Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of Mato Grosso do Sul

Brazil is a huge Market and the preschool english education industry is growing very fast. All our franchisees are happy with the Pingu’s English methodology as well as the operational manuals Liguaphone offers to Unit Licensees. They feel very well assisted.

Ronaldo Vieira

Pingu's English Master Franchisee in State of Sao Paulo

Abbas always tells me that Pingu's English is the most fun he has all day. I am very glad that this place makes him feel that way and noticeably develop his language skills too


Pingu's English Student's Father/Bahrain

Our students are very enthusiastic in studying at Pingu’s English. They always tell us how much fun and how much they learn here. Parents also keep saying how proud they are with the knowledge and improvements their children are making.

Willian Veloso Rocha

Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of São Paulo

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